Founded in 2008 by a group of photographers who were passionate about travel and documentary photography.
Collettivo Fotosocial was aware of the value of the narrative, the members of the Collective wanted to develop, in their projects, an ethical approach to the way of telling reality. This was the key of the group, active between 2008 and 2018.

The strength of the Fotosocial Collective was given by the heterogeneity of its members: very varied training backgrounds (from anthropology to jurisprudence) and it’s geographical spread, although all the member were Italians, they stretched from Finland to Mozambique, from Texas to South Korea.

We see in photography a precious language, increasingly widespread and necessary in contemporary communication. Today visual information plays a decidedly important role in determining the behavior of people, the masses and the whole world. Precisely because of the speed with which it is widespread and implemented, communication by images, especially if it is ‘social’, should not be shared without adequate study.

The approach of the Fotosocial Collective was based on a strong propensity for listening and dialogue which, over time, allows making photography a direct and participatory experience.
It is our intention to share stories, emotions and fragments of life to enable men to notice each other.

This is the path we have chosen to create relationships and knowledge. The photo shot does not represent the purpose, but the means of witnessing the encounter between the photographer and what he has decided to photograph.

ACTIVITIES we have made:

• design and composition of photographic reports, also on commission;
• making documentaries through the use of photographic and multimedia tools;
• display and presentation of their works in exhibitions, festivals and training events;
• photography courses and workshops (also in collaboration with other bodies and / or associations);
• Collaboration with NGOs, associations, non-profit organizations and local cooperatives;
• photography workshops for children and adolescents
• specific photography workshops for children with learning disabilities, socio-relational and educational difficulties

An archive of fotosocial projects:

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